Generation Zero welcomes growing support for Zero Carbon Act

Youth climate change campaigners Generation Zero have welcomed the Green Party’s support for their proposed Zero Carbon Act and reissued their call to all political parties to get behind it.

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Government Threats and Party Politics: Why we need an independent climate commission

To date, New Zealand’s climate change policy has been characterised by political squabbling and inaction.

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The Zero Carbon Act: It’s time to get our act together on climate change

When a group of young kiwis formed Generation Zero formed back in 2011, there was a reason we chose this name.

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Vague policies aren’t working. We need a Zero Carbon Act to force real climate change progress

New Zealanders are renowned for our number eight wire approach to life. Having grown up on a farm, I’ve dealt with my share of the stuff! Whether from the country...

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Climate Change: We need cross-party action

It would be comical if it wasn't so terrifying. President Trump's newly-appointed head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, gave his first interview last Friday.

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