The Zero Carbon Act has been developed by Generation Zero: a nationwide, youth-led organisation with a vision to see Aotearoa New Zealand on the path to a thriving, zero carbon future.

In July 2016, we started developing the Zero Carbon Act. The idea was for a law to put New Zealand on track to zero carbon by 2050, based on the UK’s successful Climate Change Act. Generation Zero - together with many other organisations - have been calling for a framework like this for years. Rather than wait any longer, we decided to take it upon ourselves to develop a fully-formed concept.

Nine months on, we are launching our Zero Carbon Act blueprint. This blueprint reflects our thinking on how a framework like the UK's Climate Change Act can be adapted to work for New Zealand. We have done our own research and engaged with dozens of experts and organisations for feedback and ideas. As it stands, this blueprint has broad support from several other organisations.

Everyone who worked on this project volunteered 100% of their time and energy. We would like to sincerely thank all those who contributed their time and knowledge or donated to help fund resources such as this website.

Now we need your help to take this further. We want to hear what you think of our Zero Carbon Act blueprint as we continue to develop it. If you’re with us, start by signing the petition calling for the next New Zealand Parliament to make this happen. It's time to get our act together on climate change.